Loser club.

What is inside my bag?

A little adventure inside my daily backpack.


Whazzup fam!!!! Nice to see you guys again. Today, I want to come up a challenge both for me and u guys "Inside my bagg". I want to see those youngsters like me usually bring in their daily bag. But first, here is a close loook at mine =))))

My backpack.

This is a birthday gift from one of my close friends. This bag is made by a local popular brand in Vietnam. But don't just judge it with its cover =))) Although it looks quite small but it can carry a lot of stuffs.

It is nearly in the size of A4 paper, which mean my 9.7 inch ipad can perfectly fit inside this bag. With its minimal design, the pessure do not put much on your two shoulders. Thus, I can walk a whole day long carrying it without any hesistance.

If you like the design, you can find out more at IG @thebeuter.

Electronic devices


To be honest, I can not live without my cell phone. For me, it is more than an ordinary phone, it is all of my world. It helps me to communicate with outer world and capture every precious moments of my life. In the developing world nowadays, we can not deny the impact of cell phone on our life

Portable Charger

With the high usage of mobile phone, a portable charger is a must have item in my bag. Imagine your phone died out at the middle of the day, it is such a nightmare for me.

Air Pod

Music plays an important role in my mental life. That's why I always need earphone with me. With hi-tech development, this Air Pod provide me with awsome listening feature and covinience. For an introvert like me, a free space with music is a good way to recharge my social battery.


I just get used to using iPad recently. Due to the fact the my Mac is too heavy to carry around the campus, the iPad turn out to be really handy. I also take up the habit of taking notes and moving all of my notes on this ipad.

Other Things

Thunder symbolizes in my culture for creativity, while Water in Tarot refers to spritual life. That is the reason why I choose this necklace. And it also reminds me of staying hyderated =)))

This keyring is really handy as it can carry lots of stuffs at once. For those who are absentminded like me, it is a savior. As you can see, not only can hold keys but also my airpod. All you need are settled at one, there is nothing greater than that.

This is one of my bad habits lately. Since starting uni life, I suffer from tons of anxiety and stress. Hope I can find something with more positive vibe to relief in the near future.

I used to have a sketch book to note my idea, however, it quite heavy and space consumption in my bag. I turn to sticky notes for noting and brainstroming ideas instead. But I am thinking of using my ipad for noting because it is more covinient and saves lots of wood.

Although I have used Pay ID for all of my transactions now, I still have the old habit of having a wallet. It acts like a backup plan when the Pay ID crashes. Personally, this wallet is more a lucky charm than a wallet itself

My favourite perfume is Sauvage Dior, but I can not bring it everywhere. Therefore, I found a mini one for myself. Sometimes, you have some unexpected meetings and do not prepare anything. That is when my baby shines!

"Prevention is Better than Cure". Living far from family means that I need to take care of myself on my own. That's why I always have pill in my pocket to enhance my health.

This is a gift from my friends after their Korea trip. This Dino Brown is just like the connection between me and my friends regardless of our long distance. It smells so goood, and provide a good method to reduce stress.

Where to find me on this planet?

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